You're Killin' It

This year, we named our "frequent visitor" Lizzy.  (I previously spied
her mating and know she's a she.)  And, we always recognize her by the
broken tip on her tail.  She visits my little lemon tree on the deck
multiple times each day...which my cats dearly love.

Here she is...moving in for the kill...

(In case you're curious, she's a Green Anole, common to Georgia.)
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Green cleaning with Full Circle

I pride myself on a clean home, but I'm pretty particular about the products I use.
I recently had the opportunity to try some products from Full Circle, thanks to the
fine people at Tryazon.
If you're not familiar with Full Circle, it was started by a pretty eclectic group
with one thing in common: being healthy
They believe that products should be functional, pretty and environmentally aware.
And, so they came up with an amazing line of products for the home...everything
from kitchen sponges to compost collectors.  And, each and every product is made
from responsibly sourced products...meaning less greenhouse gases.
I was planning to host a "Spring Cleaning" party, and share the products with a
big group of my friends.  As luck would have it, several were unable to come
due to illnesses and last-minute sporting events, so instead, I visited them during
the week and showed off just how cool this line is.

Here's what I received in my party on each link to read more about them...

I was pretty blown away by the beauty of the products.  I'm a sucker for bamboo and
all of the brushes have beautiful bamboo handles.  Without a doubt, tho, my favorite
product is the Bubble-Up Soap Dispenser and Brush.  It just makes since, and is also a
great conversation piece when entertaining in the kitchen.

There was a consensus among my friends that the Come Clean Natural Cleaning Set
is genius.  I mean who doesn't love the smell of lemon?

If you'd like to learn more about Full Circle, visit their website, then follow them on facebook.

***I received the aforementioned items free of charge, in exchange for an honest review.
The opinions expressed are my own and were not influenced in any manner.***