Beginning and End

The end of the school year is upon us, which means Sam is done with Elementary school.
It's definitely bittersweet, but I'm excited about how much my boys have grown this year...
 (August 4, 2014 -- 1st day of school)

(May 21, 2015 -- last day of school)

Okay.  Okay.  This was staged the night before because neither of them can
technically wear those shoes anymore, and Sam can't fasten his shorts.  (He's
grown so much!)  And, they get out of school at Noon today, soooo we're
immediately heading to the pool.  Still, you get the idea.  Growth.

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Unselfish - 99 Inspirational Stories


Unselfish – Love thy Neighbor As Thy Selfie

by Paul D. Parkinson

Everyone is trying to get noticed. Selfies are taking over the internet. Selfish behavior seems to be at an all-time high. But there are people who do Unselfish things everyday. Acts of kindness that no one notices. Extraordinary sacrifices that don’t go viral. This book celebrates just a few of the unsung stories of regular people and celebrities alike going against the grain and helping their fellow man. “Unselfish” will reignite your faith in humanity and inspire you to “love thy neighbor as thy selfie“.

Unselfish” contains 99 stories of people who have been unselfish, along with full-color photos to accompany each story.

 I adore this book.

It's beautiful.  It's full of love.  It came out the same day as Kim Kardashian's book, Selfish.
And, I love that you can go to the site, #unselfishstories, and share your own story!
 This is the perfect book to read as a family.

It's also conveniently available at Amazon, and at select local retailers.
***I received a copy free-of-charge, in exchange for an honest review.***