Ruby Falls

This weekend we went to Ruby Falls. It's located on Lookout Mountain in Tennessee, over 1,120 feet beneath the surface, and is the nation’s largest and deepest waterfall open to the public. Hundreds of gallons of water rush over by the minute and experts have yet to find the source.

The walk down was amazing, with numerous stalactites and stalagmites along the way.


TNMomof5 said...

Been there - what an amazing place!!!

eeyorespage said...

Wow, that looks so cool. I will have to go see it next summer. :)

Paul said...

Looks like you all had a real blast. Those are times that you will remember and having the pictures and looking back, you wonder how the time has gone so fast!

You all a cool family and Neil, I am glad that you are part of the Joshua's Men, it has been a real journey.

Blessings and Happy Belated Thanksgiving too you all!