Swift-Cantrell Park is open!

Swift-Cantrell is a huge park very close to our home, and today was the official "ribbon-cutting" ceremony. It will eventually have an aquatic center, tennis courts, volleyball courts, a skate park, etc. For now, it has the most important things to us...a HUGE playground and 2 miles of walking trails!

Sam already loves it!


mommyof2galz said...

That looked like a fun time at the park :0)

Wonders said...

2 miles of walking nice!

pz5wjj said...

Excellent! It looks like fun! I think the next warm-ish day we'll bring the boys over there!

Love the climbing frame thing! Josh loves them!

I'm so excited it's so close to us!

Maggie Roe said...

I can't wait to take James. Maybe tomorrow if the rain stops. Wait- rain stops??? hum... park or rain? Park or rain? Tough choice!