Smile for the camera!

I recently had the opportunity to pose for some pregnancy pictures at a local studio. Several photographers captured the moment, and here are some of my favorite shots.


Harlee said...

Beautiful pictures!

pz5wjj said...


bmxmom said...

Beautiful :)

Smoov said...

Great pictures! I came across your blog because I was looking up Swift-Cantrel Park! We live in Heritage Club right around the corner! Anyway, I was checking out the blog and saw these. I am a budding photographer myself and recently did some new born photos for a friend and some pregnancy onces of her too. Your son is adorable by the way, I have twin boys who are 5 and in kindergarten at Kennesaw. My best friend also has her kids at the same preschool your son is at, so small world!

Here are some links to some photos I have done. I would love do newborn ones for you ina few months! At your home or anywhere you are comfy. I think it must be easiest to have the photographer come to you when you have small kids :)

Oh and if you end up reading my blog just let me apologize now for the cursing! Since I can't do it at home or at work, I have to get it out somewhere. But I'm really not a raving lunatic, promise!

Maggie Roe said...

These are GREAT! I love them. Did you get any of Sam, too? It would be cute to see a profile shot of Neil and you one one side facing Sam, with Neil behind you (like the last picture) and Sam kissing your belly.

I didn't get any pictures of me because I was pretty much just plain fat. A summer pregnancy didn't go over well for me, and the water weight was outrageous! You could push on me with your finger and it would leave a was terrible. Jim did take a few belly shots right before I delivered, but they are so bad I could never share them.

I can't wait to see little Luke. Come out little man, come out and play!

Anonymous said...

Beautiful Dina

Juls said...

Sorry - that last comment was from me - just couldn't find my google information....didn't mean to sound/look like a stalker.