What's that I see?

It's snow!! Finally a weather prediction that came true. The flakes started about 5PM (just in time for traffic) and they're still falling. We didn't expect any accumulation because it's not really cold enough, but I'm happy to see some sticking around.

Sam is soooo excited! This is the first snow that he can remember seeing.


TNMomof5 said...

We are having snow flurries right now, too :) But like the weather man on the TV just said, no need to run to the grocery store to grab the milk & bread!!

pz5wjj said...

Yep, it's my Sam's first snow too! They were out "playing" in it after dinner. when we called my mom she asked if they made snow angels! LOL!!

bmxmom said...

Cool photo :)

kimkimeri~ said...

I LOVE LOVE LOVE the snow! We are supposed to get some tonight and tomorrow...hope it comes!
nice shot~