Cupid?'s Spider-Man!

Sam is finally getting back into the swing of things with school, but still he wasn't too keen on going this morning because "Thursday just isn't one of his school days!" Even though it's Valentine's Day and he was going to have a big party, I couldn't get him ready. That is...until he asked if he could wear a disguise! Of course, I was more than happy to accommodate him and together we chose Spider-Man.

It was a big hit when we walked into his class. And, it survived the games, crafts and cookie decorating!


Harlee said...

He looks a great Spider-Man!

pz5wjj said...

LOL! Excellent!

I was at costco once in July and there was a boy about 5 in FULL BUZZ LIGHTYEAR paraphernalia! He got himself dressed that morning (per his dad when I commented on his "great outfit" Dad also said he could not be talked out of it!). All I could think was holy cow how hot he must have been!