Spring has sprung!

The weather this weekend is just beautiful...temps near 70 and a warm, bright sun! (We all have rosy cheeks to prove it.)

We spent the afternoon at Lake Acworth/Cauble Park. We fished, fed the ducks & geese and strolled along the beach. It was definitely a nice distraction from my constant contractions and hip pain!

Unfortunately, it's giving me the itch, though. I am really ready for long, sunny days.


MinneapolisMom said...

What a fun park! are killing me with the pictures! It'll still be a couple more months until we see melting snow!

gmaLinda said...

You guys are just darling! Love those little rubber boots. When are you due? Enjoy that beautiful sunshine!

TNMomof5 said...

Looks like so much fun!! I love the little one with the fishing pole :)

winslow1204 said...

Love your photos.. These pictures are a great reminder that spring is sooo close!