Behind the scenes

Today we joined our moms group for a tour of Publix. It was really neat.

Everyone got treats along the way, which included a piece of chicken from the deli, a slice of watermelon from the produce department, a freezer pop from the big freezer and a cupcake from the bakery. (You can't beat a free lunch!) And, on the way out, all the kids were given balloons and goody bags.


Lisa said...

We did something similar to this when I was in 7th grade.
But we got to sample some Crawfish and learn how to shell them. Pretty gross.
This is a good idea for something to do with the kids, if you have a grocery store willing.

Maggie Roe said...

I am so sad that James and I missed this, being the Publix junkie that I am.

I really wish that they had one on the weekend. It looks like so much fun!