German wine!

When Neil went to Germany (in May), he brought home a couple bottles of wine. One was a Silvaner, which neither of us were familiar with. I really loved the bottle and wanted to keep it for a "special occasion".

It's a white wine, though, and he isn't into anything that's not named Merlot. Therefore, I just cracked it open. It's good. Even drier than Reisling. Perfect for summer.

I guess the bottle shape is common for this varietal. (I'm keeping it when it's empty!)


Dawn said...

Oh, I like the bottle too!

I used to really like reisling until I came across pinot grigio. Yum! I also love pinot noir.

Lin said...

That looks a lovely bottle!!

Mag said...

We honeymooned in Italy and went to a castle in the Tuscan valley. We bought a case of the wine there and brought it back. I love it!

When Jim had to go over to Italy for business last spring he booked a few extra days and drove back to the castle to buy us some more wine. It's killing me watching those bottles sit there aging...

Just a few more months, right? :)