Visiting Nana & Poppy!

Neil's parents live in a lovely little town in upstate NY, just a couple miles from VT. (It's called North Hoosick, but I like to call it "North Hoosickfieldville" because I really love the movie Mr. Deeds.) The day we arrived at their home it was barely in the 60's, which made it all that much more beautiful.

The view from their road, which is still unpaved.

Luke and Poppy.

Sam and Nana.

Me "driving" Poppy's firetruck.

Their Post Office! (They still have to pick up the mail everyday.)


MLC's Mom said...

LOL!!! That cute little post office...WOW!

Dawn said...

I'm totally cracking up at the P.O. It's obviously a very small town.

Oh, I love Mr. Deeds too! Great movie.

I'm sure the area they live in is absolutely beautiful!

Lin said...

It looks a beuatiful place! I have never seen such a small Post Office before!!

Heidi said...

Wow, what a beautiful place to live.

Nicolle said...

I love small towns. That looks like an amazing place, great photos! I am glad you had a good visit.

Anonymous said...

I can't wait to visit this place. I'm adding it to my list of places I want to visit but never will! At least I know that through the years I can come back here and check out pictures from your visits!

georgie said...

that is the cutest post office EVER!!!! oh can I come on your next trip?