...give me something good to eat!

We went Trunk 'R Treating with the boys at a local church. For those not familiar with it, people decorate the trunk of their car and hand out candy. (Go HERE for even more info.) It was a lot of fun seeing all of the crazy decorations, while enjoying this cool weather we have.

Sam and Luke wore old costumes. In fact, Luke's fireman costume was what Sam wore his very first Halloween!


Dawn said...

They look so cute! We have a church here in town that does the trunk or treating. It is amazing how awesome they do with the decorations. We may go tomorrow night if I'm up to taking both girls by myself. Brett left for the Nascar race this morning. I get to do Halloween alone. :(

Tracey said...

Thanks for stopping by my blog! I am off to WOF right now! I will be back to visit soon...


PS. Nice to meet ya! :0)

Tulsi said...

All of my kids wore the same elephant costume. I love that they were all the same thing at different times. And my favorite part was the tail. Funny what you recall years later. Trunk or Treating is great. We haven't lived in places I didn't trust the neighbors, but we have done a couple of Trunk or Treats instead. One year there was 3 feet of snow so it worked out great then. It was taller than my youngest.