Chattanooga 2008 - full of photos

We made our annual-day-after-Thanksgiving trek to Chattanooga and once again, we had an amazing time. This year the weather was wonderful, too, which made it all the better for Luke's first visit.

Sam was so excited to head back to their children's museum. He loves the water area the most, but this time he really enjoyed the dinosaur/excavation area, too. Luke even got in on the fun in the special tot play area.

After the museum, we headed over to the train station for our ride to the North Pole. Luke really loved the gingerbread cookie looking out the window. And, Sam had to sit on Santa's lap this year b/c he was a bit too tall to stand in the seat. He also knew a lot more words to the Christmas songs that we sang during our trip.


Tracey said...

That looks like an amazing place for some fun! Great pictures, I bet the train was a blast!

Kathleen said...

FUN!! What a great tradition! My kids' fave in the Children's Museum is the dinosaur excavation.

Lin said...

Sam certainly looks as though he is having lots of fun! Luke is such a cuite!

DeeBee said...

That is a great looking Santa! From the smiles on everyone's faces, it look like everyone had a great time on this trip.

bp said...

The children's museum looks like so much fun! My son loves going to museums when we go on vacation and will ask when we're going back.

Congrats on your 200 posts!

Heidi said...

Dina, what museum is that? I would love to take Molly sometime. Also what is the train event, do they have that through the Christmas season?

Emily ~ Little Window Shoppe said...

What a fun holiday! I love reading posts like this. And such happy boys too!