Presents, cute cakes & shoestrings!

Last weekend we visited with some of my family for a lot of food and a few presents. You can probably guess which one the kids were more excited about!

This was the first present that Luke has ever opened by himself. (It was a little Boz.) He loved the paper most of all!

Sam has been asking to open "just one present" for weeks, so he couldn't wait to see what was in this box. And, he hit the jackpot with a Clone Wars t-shirt, a Rescue Hero and a movie!

This is Sam with his cousin, Alyse. He just adores her!

Sam had his Christmas musical and party earlier this week. It was a great time, but I have to say that my favorite thing was this adorable snowman cake. One of the room-mothers is a caterer and she created this adorable (and delicious!) centerpiece.

Finally...Sam has been interested in learning to tie his shoes for the past month or so. This amazes me because he generally has no interest in learning to do anything that I can do for him. Well, last night I mentioned that it might be easier to practice on one of my shoes because the shoestrings are just a few minutes he did it!! I was actually on the phone with Neil at the time so we could all four share in the excitement.
Sam asked that I take a picture so that dad can see it on the road...


Nicolle said...

Those are cute pictures. Boyd loves paper too! I'm not sure if we'll let him try to open a gift. The paper will get in his mouth faster than I could grab it.

Way to go Sam for tying your shoes. Very good!

Have a great weekend.

Michelle said...

That really is a cute cake. I love it! Also, good job Sam on learning to tie his shoes. That is a really big deal to a child when they can do that. :)

Annie said...

Ok, you have the most handsome boys! I've noticed Luke before, but never really focused in on Sam. What a cutie! And so grown up too, learning to tie his shoes. It makes a difference when they really WANT to learn to tie their shoes. Cute post.

Dawn said...

Lukes hair has really grown! Matter of fact, he's really grown! LOL!

Yay for Sam learning to tie his shoes. That's a huge accomplishment. And, it was so sweet they you got to share it with Daddy on the phone.

The snowman cake is precious! I wish I were talented like that. I've thought about taking a cake decorating class sometime. I think it would be fun and maybe, JUST MAYBE I'd grow sick of icing! LOL!

Jackie Anglin said...

Great pictures! And yes, I think Alyse and Mary Riley could be twins! Well not actually, but you know what I mean.

DeeBee said...

It's always so great when kids acheive something that puts them a little closer to being independent. Congrats to Sam!

Elizabeth Bonds said...

Congrats on Sam learning to tie his shoes. Your have adorable sons. Great pictures.

georgie said...

YAY there is nothing quite like that sense of acomplishment when you learn to tie your shoes...

That cake is cute

Hope you have a Merry Christmas

Tracey said...

Looks like present time was fun for the kiddos! My kids loved the paper as much as the gift itself when they were little! Congrats on the shoe tieing! That is great!