Fragmented Freewrite #9

Busy as ever, but I want to say a special THANK YOU to Sara for making the changes to my header! We love you, Aja!!


In other cat news...Abby is weak and isn't up for chemo right now. She is still sweet as ever, but not eating and drinking as she should. If you believe in God, we would certainly appreciate a prayer. (This has all been tough on me, but it has been really tough on Sam, too. That was a surprise.)


Sam's fall soccer season started this past Saturday. He kicked it off with a GOAL for his team, the crocodiles!


We've had a lot of rain here, for Georgia. My dear friend, Amy, knows how we love all animals, especially reptiles, so she stopped to help a turtle cross our road and brought him to Sam. (Box turtles are very common where we live, but it is illegal to keep them as pets.) We fed him cucumbers (home-grown!) and then set him free toward the creek in our backyard/neighborhood. It was such a fun surprise!


And, in MORE Sam news...he was out of school for a couple days, but he did plenty of kindergarten work at home (he loves it) so his sweet teacher rewarded him in class!


I really love how comfortable LUKE is with his masculinity! He really, really loves anything with wheels. Really. But, of course, he has no problem putting a Barbie on board!


With all of the pet drama going on, it was SO nice to have a pleasant surprise. Our smallest fiddler crab molted, so George shed his entire exoskeleton, and is now a bit bigger. (It was really cool!) He also has a bit more "zing" to his personality, now. Gotta love that!


I had another great shopping experience. Here's what I got...

Yep. That's a pair of Rock & Republic jeans in pink! (My scrawny-bum size, too!) Plus, I got a Bonnie Baby dress for my BFF. The total? $ 6.85. (And, I saved like $200.) Thank you, Goodwill of Kennesaw!

Bless you all! XOXO!!


Sara Elizabeth Bonds said...

You are welcome for the header changes. I am praying so hard for Abby!

It is illegal to keep box turtles as pets!? Is that everywhere? How strange. I wonder why.

Barbies dolls in the truck are so cute. My brother is only 2.5 years older than me. We always blended our toys. I plays with cars, train sets, and my barbies. His g.i. joes dates my barbies. LOL!

Honey Mommy said...

Your header is cute!

I think I will put my little boys in soccer when they are old enough. My hubby played in high school.

Since you have an itty bitty interested in wheels, don't forget to stop by and check out my Fisher Price Tough Trike giveaway! (ends Sept. 27)

Caution Flag said...

Sounds like Sam has a pretty sweet teacher! Treasure her :) You and Goodwill: wow!! How come the Salvation Army stores never work out quite the same way for me?

Smoochiefrog said...

How great he scored a goal! Good for him.

sarah @ life {sweet} life said...

Sorry about Abby...praying for you guys!

GREAT fashion finds...super cute and what a deal! :) Happy FF!

Unknown Mami said...

Wow! What a deal steal you scored!!!

So sorry to hear about Abby. Sending her positive thoughts.

shopannies said...

This post was very interesting to me since it brought back lots of memories my son who used to play trucks, barbies and wrestling figures all at the same time now coaches soccer, flag football and plays football

mub said...

Keeping your kitty and your family in my thoughts!

Congrats to Sam on the goal!

I've never seen a crab molt before, did you take pictures?

Kris said...

Major score on the clothes! First goals are always awesome aren't they--especially when they are that young! Too cute!

Stacy (the Random Cool Chick) said...

Sara's a sweetie - love the change to the header...praying like crazy for Abby!

WooHoo! To Sam's soccer goal!! And what a great job he did on the 'A' words! :)

Love that Luke lets Barbie ride in his vehicle... Princess Nagger has been having her dinosaur toys 'eat' her dolls - maybe Luke can be the getaway driver for the Barbies... ;)

SCORE on the clothes! Love those jeans and that little dress is darling! :)

Happy FF! :)

Cascia said...

I love Goodwill. I think I need to make a stop there sometime. Have a wonderful weekend!

Mrs4444 said...

Love the Crocodiles name! That would be a ridiculous name for a team here in Wisconsin, but of course, it's perfect for Georgia :)

Those jeans are adorable!
Your boys are such cutie pies.

I will definitely pray for you (and Abby).

Anonymous said...

Kitties. :( :(

Go crocodiles!

We have a pet turtle...she's so stinky....