What do cats dream of?

I just had the pleasure of working with CSN Stores again.  This time they wanted to send me something to review, and honestly, who wouldn't love that!?!  Deciding on what was the only issue I had.

As you may or may not know, CSN sells everything.  Every.  Thing.  Headboards to shoes.  Toys to luggage.  Treadmills to chandeliers.  Every.  Thing.  All of that is great until you have to settle on one item.  But, for me, it was a headboard for Luke's room.  He has a queen size bed for now (more bed, less falls) and it's hard to find a queen size headboard appropriate for a 2-year old.  As I was looking through the headboard section, tho, I suddenly remembered that I would love to have a new pair of boots.  And, well, you can probably figure out how easy and difficult it became after that.

Finally, I decided to just randomly click around and see if anything caught my eye.  Guess what?  It did.  And, it was something totally surprising, but I knew it would be perfect.  Which, my friends, is the answer to the question: What do cats dream of?

This cat tree...all 73" of it...wrapped in faux fleece and sisal.

It has truly been an amazing addition to our home.  Our kitties play on it and sleep on it, everyday.  It's very sturdy and not too big.  Plus it was super easy to build.  (I did it myself.)  And, I love the color, especially since I wanted to put it in the master suite.  Wanna see it???

I took these photos over a 48-hour span so that I could make sure the excitement didn't fade.

The only part of the "tower", as I like to call it, that Max and Molly don't use is the hanging hammock at the bottom.  It's turned out to be the perfect place to keep their toys, tho.

All-in-all I love the tree/tower and the experience with CSN.  They shipped this item a day after my order and it arrived only 2 days later.  Shipping was free, too, and the weight was a whopping 49 lbs.!  Pretty darn cool, huh?

*I was provided this item free of charge, in exchange for an honest review.  My opinion is my own and was not influenced in any way whatsoever.



Buckeroomama said...

Wow, that's a cool cat tree... boy, your cats sure are lucky! :)

Life with Kaishon said...

It looks nice. Kaish and Shoshi came home one day a couple of Saturdays ago with a cat tree someone was putting out for the trash. After 3 vacumes and 1 bottle of febreeze, I brought it in. The kitty seems to love it : ). YAY for happy kitty homes!

Lin said...

That is a great cat tree, I have 6 cats & they would love to have that!! Maybe that's why Tiger is twitching in his sleep now!! lol

Dawn said...

That's awesome!!! If I were a cat, I'd so want one of those to play on!

Gema said...

I am an Iranian person. I would be happy to see your trace in my blog:

@nnie said...

wow, you are a nice cat momma, choosing something from the webstie for you cats! You must be a real cat lover! Cool post!

Dina @ 4 Lettre Words said...

Thanks, Ladies!

Seizing My Day said...

Now that looks like kitty heaven!~! too cute! You have gorgeous cats!! ;)

Nicolle said...

I am glad your kitties love this! Cool!

I was just reading an article in my BHG magazine and they featured the owner of that company. They had lots of pictures of their house and they said they use most of the stuff from their stores to decorate with. It was awesome!

jennykate77 said...

That is an amazing kitty tree/house!!

Hope you guys had a great 4th!

Love the new blog layout!♥

Alicia said...

Wow, that is not bad at all!! Free shipping is totally worth it! I bet your cats love it!

Busy Working Mama said...

OMG would my cats love that! We have a kid's climber in our master bedroom (don't ask!) and they play on it all the time.

Jen said...

I cannot imagine my cat liking something like this! I am amazed. Really!
It does look really nice too.
Fun item to review!