Fruit, felinae and fashion...

We have this great company very close to our home that offers Farmers Market Baskets at
a fraction of the cost.  I'm talking $15 for a massive amount of fruit and veggies...all very fresh.

I finally remembered to sign up last week and we were blown away by what we received.
(It was pretty darn heavy!)  Romaine lettuce, corn, potatoes, onions, zucchini, garlic, basil,
cucumber, tomatoes, apples, bananas, peaches and pluots were included.  I forgot to
take a pic of the veggies before I sorted them into green bags, but here's most of the fruit...

For those not familiar with the "pluot", it's an apricot-plum-combo that's very tasty!

The boys have really enjoyed having such a variety of produce to choose from and I've
loved how much the potatoes and zucchini made me think.  I tried to use them
differently in as many meals as possible.  Farmers Market Baskets rock!

We'll be celebrating a special birthday on Tuesday.  Our kitties, Max and Molly, will turn one!
We've had such a fun time watching them grow and they really took the sting out of losing
both of our adult cats last fall (13 days apart).

Plus, they are both so amazingly patient and gentle with the boys.

We're finishing up back-to-school shopping, seeing as school starts for Sam on Thursday.
The people at Marshalls/T.J.Maxx were kind enough to send me a gift card so that
I could check out their awesome Back-2-School deals.  I was excited to go since I haven't
shopped at either in quite a while. (And, since I learned that cute little Taylor Swift shops there!)

They have some really great buys and the quality of their items is great.
I bought Sam some shirts ($5.99 each!), Luke a couple books and an art set, Neil some
t-shirts, 2 vests for ME and a deeply-discounted Sponge Bob DVD to play in the car.
I was eying several pairs of sandals in the shoe department, but I stayed strong
and left them for some other fortunate gal.  {sigh}

If you haven't shopped there in a while, go check them out.  I dare you to leave empty-handed!



blueviolet said...

I can always find something from that store when I go there too! You're really strong to be able to leave the sandals behind!

I've never tried or pluot or had one either, but I'll bet I'd like it!

He & Me + 3 said...

I love TJMaxx. I never leave empty handed either. My son would love those shirts.
The fruit looks great.
Your collage of the kitties are too always!

Buckeroomama said...

I love the collage of your cats! Did you do that in Photoshop or did you use another program? I always find it too much work to do collages in Photoshop.

Heidi said...

We love the Farmer's Market Baskets. I'm glad you joined. You are right the variety of fruits and veggies has encouraged us to become more versatile in our cooking/eating as well.

Happy Birthday to Max and Molly! They are SO cute. They look a lot like our Oliver.

I hope Sam has a great first day of 1st grade! Molly starts this week as well. Tomorrow will be our first day of homeschooling 2nd grade.

Nicolle said...

What a deal on the farmer's market goodies. The fruit looks fabulous! I love your kitty collage too. Pretty pictures! I haven't even thought of shopping at those places for Boyd, I will have to go!

Dawn said...

Those are sweet deals!!

TJMaxx and Marshall's are two of my very favorite places to shop. We have a TJ here in my little town, but I have to drive to South Tulsa if I want to go to Marshall's. I keep requesting that we get one here. LOVE it!

☼¨`*•.♥Rocío♥.•*¨`☼ said...

Awww love the collage of your kitties so cute!
Yummy fruit you got there!
Oh and TJMaxx is one of my favs stores! Awesome deals indeed!
Have a Fabulous Monday!

Alicia said...

Wow, $15 for all that??? That is amazing! Sounds like you are getting great deals left and right! Way to go!

Seizing My Day said...

Our farmers market baskets aren't nearly as awesome as that!! do you get to pick the produce? (picky eaters in my house) though all the things you listed sound heavenly!

Love love your "new" kitties!! I am sorry you lost 2 special pets last year ~ we lost 2 pets last year also and it definitely makes the heart ache!! Glad the "new" babies have helped! We can't bring ourselves to replace our kitty ~ but we still have one ~ however ~ we did replace the puppy almost right away ~ it helped us too! =)

I missed the post office in July =( I hope to get there this week =)

The Urban Cowboy said...

The Farmers Market baskets sound like a good deal!