Playdate, pigtails and parting-gifts!

Did you know that Mega Bloks have been around for 25 years?

 (Ignore Molly Cat!)

Well, they have...and they sent me some amazing products to "try"
so I decided to have a playdate for Luke.  After all, what's more 
fun than a bunch of small tots playing with cool toys?

Right before the party, I received some awesome products from 
Episencial, too.  They make all-natural and sustainable skin care 
products for babies and children, including sun screen and bath wash.

And, that meant every attendee received an AMAZING goody "bag"...

Luke was sooooo excited to finally get to play with the Bloks and 
couldn't wait for his friends to arrive...

The kids had a ball.  I mean, let's face it, 
they are colorful, the perfect size and some even make noise. 
Can't go wrong with that combination.  Seriously.

And, the moms loved learning about Episencial.  It didn't hurt 
that I could relay my personal testimony, either.  You see, 
Sam has Eczema and this is the exact time of year that it begins 
to rear its ugly head.  When I received the Soothing Cream 
from Episencial, I immediately started applying it to Sam's 
legs and arms.  And, so far we are Eczema-free.  (That makes 
the holidays a lot more fun, in case you were wondering!)

All-in-all, it was a fabulous day...even tho we were missing 
a few invitees.  (They received their products, tho.)  Just look at 
these pig-tailed and slightly-pouting faces...

And, in the end, Sam was just sad that he missed out on all the fun.

***I received the products mentioned, thanks to Mega Brands, 
Episencial and MommyParties.  The views expressed in this post 
are my own, and were not influenced in any manner.



Nicolle said...

You have to let me in on your do you get all of these things??? Boyd would go CRAZY for those megabloks! Sounds like a lot of fun and lots of cool stuff!

Kate said...

Looks like a grand time for all. Finn loves those!

Jessica said...

Thats awesome Dina! I bet you guys did have a great time!! :)

Unknown Mami said...

My daughter loves her mega bloks.

Buckeroomama said...

We love Mega Bloks here, too! :)