The Beginning Reader's Bible

I was so excited when I saw that BookSneeze was 

Sam (newly 7-years old) has really begun to read well, 
so I knew he would love the chance at actually reading 
the Bible.  (He's always been so fascinated with Moses!) 
And, when it arrived, he immediately opened to the 
1st page and began to read.

I have to say that I really LOVE the illustrations.  So, so 
beautiful.  And, the 26 different stories make it easy for 
a beginner reader.  Of course, only the main areas in the 
Bible are covered, but for children in this age range, 
it's really perfect!  There is also a great reference area 
in the back.  I 100% recommend this book.

We will use it many, many times in the coming years. 
Thank you BookSneeze!

***I received this book from BookSneeze free of charge, in exchange 
for an honest review.  My opinions are my own and were not 
influenced in any manner.***



SouthernSass said...

Thank you for the recommendation! I have a grandson that I would love to get this for. He is almost 1, but it would make a great Easter gift.

Haddock said...

The perfect foundation for children to start reading.

Alicia said...

Awesome! The best book he could ever read!!

Seizing My Day said...

We have a great little boys bible and little girls bible... for Mother & Daughter or Father & Son... or you can get Mother & Son and Father & Daughter... anyway... our kids loved them once upon a time... now that Sammy can read... I wonder if he would read it himself now??! =) I have been looking for a great kids bible for Sammy with Large Print... (none to be found).. =( he will go from the really kid Bible to not being able to read one by himself... unless we get him a grown up one... or I wonder if you can get Kids Bibles on the Kindle?? =) hm...