What would I pick to pic?

I have another CSN opportunity and I need to decide on 
something to review.  Since most of you know that we're trying to
move, maybe I will get a little something-something for the 
new  modern dining room furniture.  We all know 
that the dining room is soooo important!  Right?

Check these sets out...

Do you like these?  CSN has soooo much to offer!  Suggestions???



Alicia said...

Those are nice! I like big tables that can sit our entire!

Kathleen said...

I didn't know you were moving!! Far, or just a new house nearby? Good luck with the packing!

Anonymous said...

I like the second one. Good luck with moving.

Uyen said...

I love the fact that they have nice, clean lines. It's fun to see how things are so different depending on where you live in the states. No one in FL decorates with modern furniture. It's all old world here.

Our Beaten Path said...

I too like the 2nd one!

Rochelle@AFamilyofLooneys said...

I like the second one. Were are you moving too?

Kate said...

I'm not a modern chic...I go more traditionally slutty. My vote is for the 2nd. :)

Jamie said...

Love that first one!