Toned but soft...

I was recently asked to do a couple reviews, and since 
I have Spring-fever, I was super excited to learn that 
both items would help get ready for warmer weather!

First, I received some exercise equipment from 
CSN Stores.  A wonderful bench...

Cap Barbell - FM-504 - FM-504 Fitness Adjustable Bench

This bench is so amazing, and soooo reasonably 
priced.  I really love that it adjusts to so many 
positions, which really intensifies the workout. I 
had a gym membership for many years and 
learned to do much of my workout on the various 
benches in the gym, so that my core muscles were 
constantly engaged.  (It's amazing how great 
"balancing" is for your muscle tone!)  This one 
bench is a dream-come-true.  It's not huge, but 
plenty big enough.  (I'm almost 5' 6".)  It's super 
easy to adjust.  And, it's really sturdy.  Even Neil 
loves it...woohoo!

Another item that I'm really enjoying, is...

Valor Athletics - ED-13 - Figure 8 Stretch Band

This band is wonderful for legs, arms, back and 
chest.  Can't beat that!  Plus, you can easily take it 
with you when you travel.

I've always had great experiences with CSN and 
when I had a problem with this order, they went 
way above what typical Customer Service provides. 
And, I love that they have reviews for each of 
the products.  It's always nice to see what other 
customers think before committing.

We have a lot of eczema in this family, especially in 
the winter. Poor Sam often scratches his arms, back, 
stomach and legs until they bleed.  That's mainly 
because most of the lotions and creams don't seem to 
really work for him.  I'm so happy to say that this 
Vaseline lotion has made a world of difference, tho.  In 
fact, he hijacked a full bottle so that he could use it 
during the night, if need-be!

I have sensitive skin and this lotion is so wonderful 
that I can put it directly on freshly shaved legs with 
absolutely no problem.  (I've always had to use baby 
lotion.)  Plus, tho it's fragrance-free, I dearly love the 
natural scent.  So fresh and invigorating.

Vaseline is on a mission to rescue dry skin!   If you're 
not already aware of their facebook page, please 
click HERE to visit.

~I received these items free of charge from the stated companies, in 
exchange for an honest review.  My opinions are my own and were not 
influenced in any manner.~



Buckeroomama said...

Spring is around the corner and definitely time to get back on the bench! :)

Anonymous said...

Thanks for the reminder....I need to get myself back in gear! I need to try that Vaseline! Hope you're having a fabulous Saturday! xo