Have you been to Time Island?

Sam's spent a fair amount of time at Time Island these last 
few weeks.  Thankfully, he survived and had fun, too.

What is Time Island you ask?
It's a virtual learning game that takes place on an island 
inhabited by creatures called Goggs.  To survive, the player 
must navigate the island, playing fun and educational games
as he/she goes...and avoid the Goggs.

We loved the beautiful scenery and most of the games are 
a lot of fun, but Sam didn't like the mouse-only controls.  (It 
seems he prefers computer games that use arrow keys.) 
He thought the avatar that he designed was really cool, too.

I also like that "Strict guidelines promoting appropriate 
and non-threatening behavior will be diligently enforced 
to protect your child." because there is interaction between 
players.  (Parents can decide how much.)  I'm happy that 
the games promote such skills as: hand-eye coordination, 
spatial reasoning, music, logic and mathematics, too.

If you haven't sent your kids to Time Island yet, you should!
Thanks to Mom Select for our Time Island prize pack and the opportunity to try Time Island.
The opinions in this review are my own and were not influenced by the sponsor in any manner.



Tara said...

I like the strict guidelines promoting appropriate and non threatening behavior ... stuff! That is really nice!

Sue said...

Sounds kinda neat!