Oral-B Stages & Oral-B/Crest Pro-Health FOR ME -- Party Time

The fine folks at MommyParties, Oral-B and Crest
recently sent me a big kit to host a party, including
the new Cars 2 DVD, as well as these items:

• Oral-B Stage III Brushes
• Pro-Health FOR ME Brushes
• Oral-B Stages Flossers
• Pro-Health FOR ME Paste
• Pro-Health FOR ME Floss Picks
• Pro-Health FOR ME Rinse
• Cars II Gummy Vitamins

Needless to say, my boys were excited...and, we
decided on a evening  party, so the kids could wear 
pajamas if they wanted.

The night of the party came along quickly!  And,
I let everyone play for a little while, so that I could 
pop the popcorn and gather drinks, then we discussed
the products.  The floss picks were a big hit, as I heard
several comments like, "Oh, those are so easy!"  (They
came in especially handy after the popcorn.)

I raffled off a bottle of the mouth rinse to one parent, 
then hid a second bottle in the playroom while the kids 
covered their eyes.  The 1st one to point out the bottle
and shout "Crest!", claimed it for his own.

Finally, it was time to put the movie in, and everyone
was excited.  We headed down to the basement rec
room, and with little delay, the room was silent...

While the movie played, I prepared the goodie bags, 
featuring the many great items from our party.

And, since we only had 6 party-goers to make it, we
shared the remaining items with some neighbors and 
friends at church.  Everyone loved it!

My boys have used these products for a little
over a week now and they really like them.  Sam
is very picky about toothpaste flavors, but I've 
heard no complaining.  He also said that the mouth
rinse doesn't "burn" like some of the other brands.

Thank you to all of the aforementioned companies for the products I received in my free party kit.
The opinions expressed are my own and were not influenced in any manner.



Tamar SB said...

What fun! Way to go, Dina, making tooth care fun!

blueviolet said...

I've seen a few posts about this party, but yours sounds the most fun of all of them!

Sue said...

What a great idea to get kids invested in caring for their teeth!


Bunch of Barrons said...

That does sound like fun. :)