Chore Charts @ Goalforit

I was recently asked to review a really cool site, Goalforit.  And, 
considering the new year often has us thinking of goals and action
plans, it couldn't have been better timing.  Goalforit offers a great 
on-line Chore Chart, Behavior Chart and Goal Chart, and all of
it's free!  I love the variety, plus it's all so user-friendly.

The charts for kids range from preschool themes to those cool 
enough for teens.  You can choose from a list of chores, goals 
and behaviors or you can just create your own.  For instance, 
I added the infamous "Use the Potty" to Luke's chart.

Here are a few examples...

The site also has a great community area, the News Room, where you
can get your friends and family in on the action.  (We can all use
a little support!)  Plus, you can receive daily email reminders, so 
that you won't forget to update your chart(s).

I think the site is pretty fantastic and here's the top 5 reasons:

  • Easily create a personalized Chart in minutes
  •  Chore Charts can be used online or printed off
  •  Teaches kids about responsibility in a fun way
  • Tracking & reviewing progress is super simple
  • It's all 100% FREE

    ***Thanks to MomSelect and Goalforit for this opportunity.  I was compensated for this post,
    but the opinions expressed are 100% my own.***



    Tamar SB said...

    What a cool site, I'l have to check this out, and I wonder if I can use the charts to help with motivating my students!

    ps - hate to be cheesy, but I "tagged: you in a post today!

    Sue said...

    What a great site! I'll have to tell my DIL about it. She is way into charts.


    PS. Your link on Leigh's site links back to last week's post instead of this one...

    Leslie said...

    I do love FREE! Going to check this site out. Thanks!

    Nicolle said...

    I will check out this site. I think chore charts are awesome. :)

    ps. LOVE your new header. So pretty.

    Amber said...

    Very Cool!! I will def. check it out!!

    Tezzie said...

    Fabulous! I've been thinking I should create something similar for my kids...especially Munchkin. She's got a serious stubborn streak, refusing to do basic stuff sometimes...will check it out, for sure! Thanks for the idea!