Pony Royale Review

Pony Royale, a new toy line starring beautiful princess ponies, brings a fresh
new approach to princess play in the fashion doll category.  Pony Royale
combines favorite play patterns - hair play, fashion play and nurturing play – 
to give children endless hours of open-ended creative play with a fun and easy
fashion system. The full collection, featuring 12 Princess Ponies, all with the
ability to mix-and-match their manes, tails and fashion pieces, will hit store
shelves in late July at Toys R Us and in August at Target.

The twelve Princess Ponies are pony action figure dolls with names,
personalities, and changeable hair and outfits.

  • With two Pony Royale dolls, make over 60 fashion styles!
  • Each pony comes with a jeweled birthstone blaze
  • Two sets of Change-It-Up Hair and hair brush included!

I know you're thinking that this toy appears
very "girlie" for my boys/blog...and you would
be right.  LOL  However, my boys have always
loved creative toys, and since we live in horse
country, the ponies were actually a big hit.

Luke was especially excited to see them:

And, he got right to work on them:

In fact, Luke played with them that whole night
and couldn't wait to show them to his friends.
(Sam joined him in play, but refused my request
for a picture.)  The hair and accessories were
really easy to change, plus there are so many
options.  Can't beat that!

To give you an's one of the ponies
that we received, Rose...

Her birthstone is Garnet, and if you visit the
on-line community, you'll see that she is from
the Fire Kingdom.  That's right!  There's even
an interactive on-line community.

Visit the Pony Royale website for more info and
be sure to check out Pony Royale’s Facebook
page and follow them on Twitter!

This post is sponsored by Pony Royale. I was selected for this opportunity as
a member of Clever Girls Collective, and the content and opinions expressed 
here are all my own. #CleverPonyRoyale



Secret Mom Thoughts said...

My daughter loves ponies and horse. Those look very pretty.

Tamar SB said...

They sounds fun! I was a big fan of the my little pony toys when I was a kid! And good for your boys for playing with what many might consider a girl's toy!

Linda said...

Ponies are ponies - I don't think they care who plays with them!

Ross said...

My daughter is absolutely mad about these ponies! They entertain her for hours on end.

Nicolle said...

Those look like fun. I imagine Boyd would love those. He found a little pink mermaid at the pool the other day that had been abandoned, and he's been carrying it around ever since. :)