LeapFrog Adventure Sketchers!

Luke recently received Adventure Sketchers! from the good people at LeapFrog.
It has to be one of the coolest games ever, with the kids (literally) getting
drawn into the action...

From the start, Luke loved it!  Not only did he get to draw the main hero
(and much more) of the story, but he also added his voice to the story.
And, if he decides that he wants to change any of it, he can...easily!

I love that the kids have many options with the drawings.  Sometimes
there is a "template" to choose from and sometimes it's completely up to
them, but the game always tells them exactly what to do.  And, the
drawings (and recordings) can be as simple or ornate as they want them.
Here are a few from Luke.  You can see that sometimes he really took his
time, and other times he was a bit lazy about it.  Still, they all work
very well in the story...

Here are the details about the game:

  • Players design and draw their own heroic character and play as the hero throughout the game
  • Players also decide the story's direction by coming up with creative solutions to obstacles in the hero's path, such as drawing platforms or vehicles to cross the kingdom
  • When the Book of Wonder's pages scatter, players learn about story structure and story elements - like characters, setting and problem and solution - as they complete fill-in-the-blank storytelling activities and art studio games to put it back together
  • Players can use guidelines to trace objects or to create their very own designs, which they can save for future play
  • Voice recording* helps bring personalized sounds into the story (*In-game microphone feature is not compatible with Leapster Explorer)
  • Nine levels and three environments allow a wide area for creative ideas to flow
  • Teaches creative storytelling, story elements, drawing and role playing


Without a doubt, this has quickly become Luke's favorite LeapFrog game,
and I really hope they'll consider adding more "Sketchers" to the line!

***I received the aforementioned item free-of-charge, in exchange for an honest review.
My opinions are my own and were not influenced in any manner.***