LeapFrog: Get Ready for Kindergarten!

LeapFrog has a new series catered to kids entering Kindergarten, including
fun games, books and activities.  There's a cartridge for the LeapPad and a
read and write set for the LeapReader.
The series follows 4 students, Chris, Pilar, Daniel and Grace, around the classroom.
Naturally, Luke was drawn to the game cartridge.  He loved the cute characters and
fun learning activities.  Here's a sample:
(Stretchy Monkey was definitely his favorite game!)
I'm pleasantly surprised at how much he's enjoyed the LeapReader set in the last few weeks.
I find him reading and doing the activities quite often.  And, it's always neat to see how well
he's reading now.  He only uses the LeapReader on certain words.
Both of these are great additions to your LeapFrog library, especially over the summer,
when kids lose so much of what they've learned.
***I received the aforementioned items free-of-charge, in exchange for an honest review.***


Anonymous said...

Leap Frog wasn't around 25 years ago when I began schooling my pre-school age children. But we did have some very rudimentary pc programs that they thought were fun and I believed gave them a leg up on school. I homeschooled them through the 8th and 9th grades...