12/9/14 $250 Visa Card Giveaway

***Contest Closed***
The randomly chosen winner is comment #14!!
Do you know about
If not, you should.  They have the best eCards and printables...and many are free!
If you get a membership, however, you get:  
  1. Member Tools such as an Address Book, reminders, attachments, and a Future Send option.

  2. Two Free accounts: Add two additional users to your account at no extra cost. (Please note: If you are already an ecard Member, the free accounts you have added will also be free accounts on your Print at Home membership.)
  3. My Account so that you can conveniently manage your personal account information online.
     4.  Send as many eCards as you'd like, plus print unlimited printables.
Plus much more!

And, is currently promoting their FREE printable Letters to Santa!

They really are so cute and I know you'll love them, so click over and use one for yourself or kids.  Then, post it to your social media with hashtag: #BMAlettertoSanta.  If you do that you could win $250 towards you Christmas list!  Just make sure you click back over here and leave a link for each post in the comments below.  Also, make sure we can get in touch with you...via the click or email.

(You can get up to 4 entries by sharing on facebook, twitter, instagram and google+.  Simply post a link to each in a separate comment below.)

If you can't do that or aren't on social media, just copy and paste your letter in the comments below.  Make sure you include you contact info, such as blog or email, tho, so we can get in touch.

Winner will be chosen on 12/15, and will receive a $250 visa giftcard, plus a membership to!
***I received nothing for this promotion, but the opinions expressed are my
own and were not influenced in any manner.***


The Fam said...

Shared on twitter:

Natalie said...

I tweeted

MichelleS said...

Shared on FB

Andrea Hatfield said...

I tweeted -

KrazeKatLady said...

I tweeted
krazekatlady at gmail dot com

KrazeKatLady said...

Shared on Facebook

krazekatlady at gmail dot com

KrazeKatLady said...

Shared on G+

krazekatlady at gmail dot com

Sam Lettre said...

Dear Santa,

I have been a good son. I would like a $250 visa gift card for Christmas pls.


slettre04 (at) gmail (dot) com

Amy P. said...

Many thanks for this contest! I shared my Dear Santa letter on FB & my email is

Pam Hoffman said...

Dear Santa,

Thank you for a chance to win something wonderful from 4 Lettre Words!

If you get a chance, stick a new job in our stocking!

Merry Christmas!

Pam Hoffman
pioniwol at gmail dot com

Dawn Schultz said...

Dear Santa,

For Christmas, we would love some new toys. It's so fun to get new toys!

We love you and will leave lots of cookies for you if you bring us the toys!

Jax and Ryder


Anonymous said...

Dear Santa,

I really don't need anything, but I would love to have a little "extra" to give to a great local ministry, MUST. I know they could really use it!

Merry Christmas,

lhindman9 (at) gmail (dot) com

Anonymous said...


I really want you to help my ex "get it" for the sake of our son.

Much Love,

cpr.heartmindsoul (at) gmail (dot) com

Anonymous said...

Dear Santa, Our church would LOVE to win this so we could help many in our community...just like you!

Thank you,
NorthStar Church
jamie.maddox (at) northstarchurch (dot) org

Nicolle said...

Dear Santa, I would like the homeless in my community to receive what they need, but most of all, to feel loved!


Nicolle said...

Dear Santa,

I would like some neon red basketball shoes, a chocolate lab, and a mutt dog.

Boyd W.

Anonymous said...

Dear Santa,

This year, I would like for you to make my family's Christmas merry and bright. My husband, stepdaughter, and parents deserve to have a very special Christmas. Even more importantly, my cat Bob would like a new sweater to keep him warm this winter.

P.S. I would like some warm socks.

Merry Christmas!
With love,

Melanie Cooper said...

Bummed. Wanted a letter from Santa and a chance at a gift card but, even though I signed up for the free trial... It doesn't work with my iPhone or iPad because it needs flash. Super bummed. Cute product! Would have come in handy!

Xtremeo said...

Dear Santa,

Please help my mom and dad remember to get me the Minecraft Red Book this Christmas.

I'd also love to get some Minecraft plush toys, too.

Love from

Me Zoe Self said...

Dear Santa,

I would love to get the latest Thea Stilton books and also some Goddess Girls books.


Me Zoe Self

Amy Phillips said...

I shared my Letter to Santa on FB My email is Here is my letter to Santa incase the previous link did not work: Dear Santa, This year I would really like to win's contest as I would love to surprise my sweet husband with it. He is such a great Daddy to our daughters as he takes them to school every day and is always there when they need him. He also took very good care of me again this year with my surgeries and procedures as he did all the cooking and cleaning & rarely complains. I twould be wonderful to surprise him as he truly deserves it. Many thanks, Santa for all you do!!! & Merry Christmas! Love, Amy & Girls