Summer Night S'mores with InstaFire

We love bringing out the fire-pit on nice nights, and tho this summer is really hot,
what better way to celebrate the start of a new school year!
And, to insure that we got the fire going quickly...and it lasted, we used InstaFire.
Have you heard of Instafire?
 My boys remember them from Shark Tank, so it was super cool to actually try the product.
And, you know what?  It works!  I mean, it works perfectly.  In fact, the whole night I was
thinking about all of the cool ways you could use it.  So many possiblities!
 The fire was a hit because it started so quickly...even on damp wood.
 Of course, on this particular night, it was all about the kids running, riding and laughing...
and the male-bonding.  (The moms were "supervising!")
 Oh, and the s'mores...
 Such a fun night.  We can't wait to do it again!
Thanks to #tryazon and #instafire for sending us this amazing supply pack...
 ***I received the aforementioned products free-of-charge in exchange for an honest review.
The opinions expressed are my own and were not influenced in any manner.***