Family Fun with #QWunder

We recently received some adorable and fun items from EQtainment...
 If you're not familiar with EQtainment, here's a little info...
In a world where electronic "gadgets" are all the rage, it's so refreshing to see this wholesome,
family-friendly collection!  We had to head to NY for a family event last week, so we took along
the board game, Q's Race to the Top.  I knew the boys would have some time with their cousins
so it was perfect for a little family-game-fun!

Our group was boy and girl, ages 2-12.  They loved the cute book that accompanies the game.
(It gives the backstory on why Q is trying to get to the top of the treehouse.)  And, there were
plenty of laughs with the 3 sets of cards included:

  • "Q" - Assist Q in making the right decision.
  • "Do" - Get active by performing the task on the card.
  • "You" - Figuring out the correct response or reaction.

All of the cards encourage discussion, and overall, the game was a huge hit!

All of the parents loved that the game focuses on emotional development, which is often
overlooked today.  That's so important to EQtainment, tho...
We also had the chance to checkout the #QWunder App and I think Luke has played it everyday!

 It's brand new and available for both IOS and Android.  And, from the beginning, it seems to
really understand the player via a fun little quiz.  Here's what Luke "scored"...
Other fun features include...
  • Fun Music and Videos
  • Educational Games
  • Interactive Show
  • Bonus Material


All of these fun items are available at your local Familiy Christian Store, or on-line at
Amazon and EQtainment.

***I received the aforementioned items free-of-charge from Tryazon and EQtainment, in
exchange for an honest review.  The opinions expressed are 100% my own.***