Fragmented Freewrite #24

It's a new year.

It's really cold in Georgia.

And, Sam just turned 6 years old!


Sam had a great 6th birthday and his "real" party is still to come. He and his friends will celebrate with Chuck E. on Sunday afternoon.

We also made confetti cookies to share with his Kindergarten class on Wednesday. They were a hit...


In other Sam news...

He was sent to his room at one point on Monday and while he was thinking about his mistake (ha ha ha), he came up with this little diddy:

"Sam. Sam. I'm the man.
Sam. Sam. I love ham."

It struck me as funny because
1.) he is not the man in this home, and 2.) he hates pretty-much all pork products


We got a little snow yesterday. And, in honor of the pretty powder, we made these little snowman snacks, which the boys really enjoyed.


I am finally taking down my Christmas decor. I've been putting it off, not only because it's a pretty big job, but because I just love it all so much. I will really miss the soft glow of colored lights early in the morning.

Mommy's Idea

Stay warm this weekend!


mimbles said...

Happy birthday Sam!

The confetti cookies and snowman do look like yummy fun :-)

Putting the FUN in DysFUNctional said...

I miss that soft glow too. It's so peaceful.
Happy Birthday to Sam!

Adoption of Jane said...

Happy B'day Sam! Chuck E. Cheese is the best.. after the chaos is over you can actually sit down and order a glass of wine!

Anonymous said...

You are so creative!!

Kelli W said...

Those snowman snacks are SO cute! We were so hoping for snow last night...but all we got was cold and a little rain!

@nnie said...

I know what you mean about the decorations.... my house always feels so bare after de-Christmasing. Happy birthday SAM!

Liz Mays said...

That little ditty is adorable as is the snowman! It takes some getting used to with the barren look after Christmas!

April said...

I love the clean look after the holidays! Guess I'm in the minority.

Happy FF

won said...

The cookies look soft and yummy!

Just like I like them.

Confessions From A Work-At-Home Mom said...

Are those the actual cookies? Why don't my cookies ever look that tasty? Even the ones I don't burn (which, let's be honest, aren't many) look like little nuggets of hard, dry dough!

Confessions From A Working Mom

Claudya Martinez said...

That's a very cute snowman!

Sam, Sam might not like ham
Sam, Sam he ate a snowman

Stacy Uncorked said...

Happy Birthday to Sam!! :) Good luck with the whole Chuck E. Cheese experience - we did that last year for Princess Nagger's 6th birthday - too funny! ;) His little Sam ditty is cute!!

Those cookies and the snowman snack look YUMMY! Now I'm hungry...

Have fun taking down the Christmas decorations - I'll be working on that this weekend, too. It is a job, and I, too, will miss the soft glow of the lights! :)

Have a great weekend!

Unknown said...

It's really cold here in SC as well! We didn't get any snow...but neighbors in the next county over did! The snowmen are so cute!!! Six year olds can be very, very silly...but that's the funny stuff we're going to look back and laugh our heads off over...the stuff that memories are made of! ;-)

Anonymous said...

Sam the man who loves ham sounds pretty cool...I hope he had a fab birthday.

raveninthewolfden said...

THEM COOKIES LOOK DELICOUS.. by chance you can share a recipe?

raveninthewolfden said...

how do i do follow up for this blog? ususally when I post a post such as i did right before this one.. it allows me to do a follow ups.. so i am notified when anyone responds to my post. But this blog does not have that feature? my blog is
if you are interested in sharing the recipe!

Mrs4444 said...

Chuck E Cheese pizza rocks--I wish I had an excuse to go eat some! And YUM on the cookies and Sam's cute little song :)