Professional photos...sort of...

Okay, so I hate the time, cost and wait for professional photos. It was always a hassle with Sam, and since I'm not a hassle-kind-of-girl, I thought I would attempt it myself. After all, we have a great home and amazing neighborhood! Plus, Neil thinks I take great photos...and let's face it. A spouse's support is priceless.

Anyways, here are a few of the "pro photos" I took of my beautiful boys!


Dawn said...

Those are really good. Your boys are so cute.

The photographer I use comes to our house to do pictures. It makes it so easy.

I took a digital photography class but since have gotten a new camera. I'm going to take the class AGAIN starting in Sept. I have to learn how to use this new one. I hope to take my own professional pictures someday!

Lisa said...

Hey, those turned out pretty good. My dad is a professional photographer and can get the photos back to his clients that same day if they pay a little extra. Instead of taking them to a chain or store front photography place, find out of there are some 'photography students' or aspiring pros out there who will do it cheaper and where ever you want

Lin said...

You did a great job on the photo's. Luke has grown so much!

Nicolle said...

I was just looking through your other posts...these are great pictures!!! I am with you 100%....we have not done professional pics yet, I think they cost too much. I just look at other people's pics and use their ideas to take my own.