Throw it into the fire!

Sam and I went to Just Fired to paint a piece of pottery with my moms' group. My friend Sherry was there with her boys, which Sam loved! (That's her son and Sam's buddy, Jackson, in the second pic.)

We chose to paint a tile. He wanted to "paint the whole thing green", then he asked me to paint a dragonfly, since we have seen so many this summer. (They let you get surprisingly close!) When we were finished, Sam said, "Are they going to throw it into the fire now?"

I think it turned out great, and we may use it for a coaster!!


Lisa said...

Oh, how cool! You can also hang it on your wall as art. Or put magnets on the back and use it as a giant fridge magnet. Either way, looks good!

Dawn said...

Really cute!! You could use it as a trivet as well! :)

Lin said...

That'swonderful I love your dragonfly!