Scary Saturday Storm

Yesterday was really hot so we spent the early part of the day at the pool. We had a slight chance for some afternoon rain, which we were hoping for, but instead we got a downpour, hail and 50 mph winds.

(So much for drying our towels!)

I had just told Neil how pretty or backyard was this year. Now it is covered in debris. We are thankful, though, our power was only out for two hours and our HUGE trees are still standing! A lot of the area was not so lucky.


Dawn said...

My lands!! What a mess it made. Glad nothing was badly damaged at your house.

I wish we would get some rain, minus the strong winds and hail. It is going to be 104 today and 107 tomorrow!! We won't be hanging out outside at all!

Lin said...

Glad you were all okay & didn't have any damage to your property!

Maggie Roe said...

Glad that you fared well. Jim and I were on a dinner and movie date. I called our babysitter on her cell, sure that the power was out (it was) and she said that James was just a little scared. As the night grew darker they bundled up with their flashlights and made a run for it to her house (across the street). He wasn't so scared at their house with her parents and older brother who played "rough house" with him. They reassured us that we could finish our date and all would be fine.