Bottle Baby

Luke loves to nurse...and by that, I mean he won't take a bottle, even when it's filled with breast milk. I've tried many bottles and even one sippy cup, but he ALWAYS protests. That means I don't get much freedom.

Well, last week I received a FREE bottle from Playtex in the mail. Today I added some expressed milk and he liked it. He really liked it. I liked it, too, and did I mention it was FREE!?!?


Anonymous said...

great news! Now maybe you will get some freedom :)

Lin said...

By that little smile, you can see he enjoys it!! Now you get some freedom!

Dawn said...

OMG!! that is awesome!! I wish Camryn would have taken a bottle some. I'm dying to quit nursing - it's been 20 months of nothing but MAMMA!! I'm so ready to hang up the boobs! LOL

Vanessa said...

I saw your comment on a blog and stopped clicked on your name, I couldn't get either of my girls to take a bottle, I bet you are so happy!