Celebrating Sam!

Because Sam had such a great 1st week of school, I decided to have a little celebration, which included:

A new Ben 10 DVD. He absolutely loves Ben 10, but since we don't do TV, he can only watch it at my parents' home or on the internet. This movie features "real people", so he was especially excited!

And lunch at a cool restaurant called Elevation ChopHouse. It's at a small airport near our house and has amazing views of the planes and helicopters from every table. The food was great and we couldn't believe how many departures and arrivals we saw in just one hour.


Dawn said...

I bet he felt pretty special today. I'm so glad he had a good first week of school.

The restaurant looks really cool. Camryn would love it. She loves looking at airplanes.

Anonymous said...

that restaurant sounds really cool~my boys would love it. Glad to hear the 1st week of school went well.

Lin said...

Looks lots of fun, glad he had suck a great week at school!