Fall Fun

Our neighbors and friends had a party for their baby girl's 1st birthday. The celebration took place in one of our neighborhood playgrounds, and it was a typical Fall afternoon...
Sam and I wore our newly-crafted Halloween shirts! (It was easy thanks to FamilyFun.)

The birthday girl, Addie May!


Heidi said...

Dina, Molly and I made her a shirt like Sam's this year as well. Too funny. Gotta love Family Fun.

Dawn said...

The t-shirts are so cute!! You are such a good momma!

The birthday girl is adorable!!!

Lin said...

I love your t.shirts!! The photo's are really good!

Annie said...

Wow, the T's look awesome!! You are so darn crafty! Even if it is from Family Fun. Half of it is TAKING THE TIME to sit down with your kiddos and do it.