Friday Flashback

This was Sam's first trip to the beach. He was 8 months old. We went to Destin and my parents joined us for a few days. It's such a beautiful beach, but unfortunately we had to evacuate after only 3 days. Hurricane Ivan was headed that way (Anyone familiar with the Gulf knows that you seldom see waves like that.) and ended up doing a lot of damage. We saw some "after" photos of the resort where we stayed and it was just heart-breaking.

This picture was actually taken just hours before we were forced to head home.


Dawn said...

Now that is something to would happen to me if I went to the beach!

The very first time I went to the beach it was soooo cold that I couldn't even get in the water.

The second time I went to the beach it actually snowed. (Pensecola, FL). It was Christmas Day... first time they'd had snow in like 30 years. Go figure!

I would like to visit Destin someday. I know many people who vacation there and love it.

Cute pic.