Scary Stuff

First, we made a scarecrow. (Sam is so excited about him, so I just pray that no one plays a trick and takes him!) I really didn't know what I was doing, but I think he turned out okay and every bit of him was "recycled". I got his clothes, hat and the material for his face at the thrift store, and we stuffed him with newspaper and plastic grocery bags. His name is Jack.

Second, we discovered a baby rattlesnake next to our mailbox. Unfortunately for him, he was squished totally flat by a car. He nearly made it to our yard, though! They are actually very common here and we have seen much bigger ones on the side of the road. We also have copperheads, and I met a 2-foot one on one of our trails while walking one night. Amazingly, it didn't try to teach me a lesson. (Let's just say that I'm the curious-type!)


Dawn said...

Your scarecrow is adorable!!!

A dead snake is the best kind! LOL

Nicolle said...

Very cute scarecrow. I would love to do one, maybe next year when Boyd would be more aware of things around the holidays.

And yuck on the snake. I am glad it was dead. I am terrified of them!

Heidi said...

Cute scarecrow. Molly will have fun looking for your scarecrow every time we drive past your house. She loves looking at the "friendly decorations" as she puts it. At least the snake didn't make it into your yard. It must be the time of year for snakes. A couple of weeks ago I saw a fairly large black snake in the street closer to the entrance to our section of the neighborhood, well before either your house or mine.

Nina Chung said...

Your scarecrow is awesome! The kids get such a kick out of it every time we drive by :))) We always slow down and admire him!

Rattlesnakes, black widows, ugh!!