There's gonna be a BIG winner!!

I "met" the most amazing gal in blog-land a couple months ago. Her name is Ellyn and she has the blog, Profoundly Seth. I really adore El and her beautiful family, so I wanted to take a moment and focus on this absolutely amazing "raffle" that she's doing for her sweet Seth. (The proceeds actually benefit Seth, Now I Lay Me Down to Sleep and Rhyan's Hope.) You get one entry for every $10 that you pledge, so feel free to give some of your tax refund...PLUS, spread the word! And, all of this is in honor of precious Eli's 2nd birthday on March 28th.

This is Seth!

I really hope that you will take a moment and read El's blog. She has been through a lot and still has amazing faith in God. If I wasn't, like, 10 years older than her, I would want to be just like her when I grow up! She's a true inspiration. And, I have no doubt that if we lived closer, Luke and Seth would be great friends!


Yaya said...

I'll go check it out!

Dawn said...

You are just the sweetest, Dina!!

Seth is absolutely adorable. I will try to make it over there when I get caught up! =)

Lin said...

I will ceetainly go check her blog out!

Izzy 'N Emmy said...

Oh he is such a cutie! I'm going over to check her out!

Kimeri~ said...

You are a doll, Seth is a cutie and I am off to check out the blog.

E @ Scottsville said...

What a great shout-out for El. I'm a follower of hers, too. =0)

Seth sure is a cutie-pie, too!

Happy Monday!