Fragmented Freewrite

Hi, my name is Dina and this is my first time with Fragmented Freewriting.
So. Here. I. Go.

I'm not sure if I mentioned it on my blog yet, but we had a reality show filmed here in our neighborhood.Yes. CBS was here for about a month causing all kinds of chaos and now you can see it on your very own TV.

It's called "There Goes the Neighborhood" and it premieres August 9th at 9PM. We are not in the show (that I know of!), but some good friends are and I sure hope they got the $250,000 prize! Also, it was sold to "us" as a family-friendly show, but with a 9PM time-slot, I have to say, "Hmmmm...."

We don't do the TV-thing, but I hear there are commercials out already.

I am so bad at awards that this time I thought I would pass it along as soon as I got it! My sweet friend, Sara, gave me this pretty award. She also told me the rules, but I want to bend them a bit. I feel like many bloggers just pass off awards to others that haven't already gotten them. Instead, I want to pass this one off to the blogs that I actually ALWAYS read! (Yes. I visit everyday, tho, I am probably nursing Luke when I do it and leaving a comment is "difficult". Still, I really love you gals!)

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We take pride in our pretty yard, but we've had some (BAD) bald spots this summer. We always lack rain here in GA, so I've watered, plus my hubby has fertilized a lot. But...last night I found the problem! We called him Bunny-kins and invited him back anytime. I'm totally okay with it.

Thankfully, he ignored my little garden right there next to him!

This is a "False Widow". Did you know that? I (sadly) killed him/her yesterday because he/she was building a nice home next to my backdoor. Location! Location! Location!

Anyway, I knew it wasn't a Black Widow b/c it was brown so I had to hit Google. (We do have black widows and rattle snakes and scorpions since we back up to the woods and a creek in GA!) It seems that they aren't too bad, but depending on the exact type, the bite can be very painful and cause a lot of swelling. Yuck!


Sam is off to VBS next week and we are both excited. He needs something new, after being out of school for 2 full months, PLUS I need him to experience something new after being with him for 2 months! He will love it, too. They always have jumpies and a petting zoo and tons of games. Oh, and a big party for all of the families on the last night!

Today is the last day to enter my JumpStart giveaway. If you haven't entered and want the chance to win a 3-month membership for your kiddo, click HERE.

I will have a fun giveaway coming up in a week or so. It's a great Etsy site, so check back!

Tomorrow night me and the hubs have another Date Night! We are attending a friend's "gathering" that just happens to be a poker tournament. We'll miss the card playing because I am glued to my babe until his bedtime, but we will get some nice (needed) adult time.


Unknown Mami said...

Congrat's on the award and I think there is nothing wrong with bending the rules.

This is my first time participating in the Friday meme too.

Have a great date with your hubby!

On a totally unrelated note, if you have the time please come and check out the giveaway I'm hosting.

Enjoy your weekend!

Alicia said...

I'm so bad about posting awards too! I never got this one, so YAY!! Thank you!

Oh my gosh, I would have killed that thing too! I'm so bad w/ bugs, spiders! I freak out!

Your son will have so much fun at VBS! Ours starts next week too!!! We'll have lots of pictures to share!

Mrs4444 said...

Hey, I like that--"Fragmented Freewriting." Welcome.

I hate getting awards when they have just been "dumped" on me; like when someone who has never even commented gives me an award and then never comes back again. YOU picked some winners here :)

Good job on the spider-we live in the Wisconsin woods, and it's spidery here, too, though I don't think we have anything deadly, thank Heaven.

P.S. You forgot to link up! I took care of it for you. Let me know if you need help with that in the future :)

Heidi said...

Dina, Bunnykins or one of his Bunny friends has been a frequent visitor to our yard as well. Molly loves watching him.

Mrs4444 said...

Oops. Sorry-Hit REFRESH and saw your linky!

Angela said...

Yikes, I do not like spiders! Also, have fun on your date night. I desperately need one of those.

Yaya said...

Eeek! Spider!

We have bald spots in our lawn too..from our dogs. I like your bunny ;)

Thanks for the award!

blueviolet said...

I didn't know there were black widow imposters. But, I don't think I'd know one spider from another except for the daddy long legs. They all scare the heck out of me!

I hope you have a wonderful date night!

Stacy (the Random Cool Chick) said...

Like blueviolet said, I didn't know there were 'black widow imposters'! :) I don't care what kind of spider it is (except the daddy long legs) they get immediately smooshed around here...I'd rather be safe than sorry. I was sitting about a foot away from a brown recluse once...I still shudder when I think of it. Bottom line for me - spiders are yucky! ;)

You are SO SWEET! Thanks so much for the award! I'm a rule bender, too, so you're definitely alright in my book! ;)

I have fresh new wine bottles on order that will be here later this week - so I'll definitely be filtering and bottling the wine next weekend...are you excited? (grin!!)

Happy FF a day late! :)

Melissa said...

Hey thank you for this Beautiful award! And thanks for stopping by to catch up on our story! I love your little visitor! We have many little bunnies that seem to be having themselves some frequent fun!!! I sure don't mind tho! Have a great night there!

Sally said...

Oh you definitely deserve every wonderful award you receive. I read all my buddy's blogs too but mostly only have time to read and occasionally post comments. It's gotten kind of hard to read so much all the time with the demands of real life always interfering....LOL!!! Glad you got rid of the spider...ugh...ugly!! The bunny is cute and I wouldn't mind him munching around my yard either.

Nicolle said...

Thank you for the sweet award. I'm glad you like to read my blog every day. You know I always love yours and read it all the time. I hope you had fun on your date night. Yikes, I would have had Kevin come kill the spider. They scare me!