Fragmented Freewrite #21

Mommy's Idea

Luke had a "Yogurt Incident" this week. I only left him for 1-2 minutes. Seriously.

Notice the change in his demeanor once his gig was up!


Neil and I have another date-night tomorrow. We're taking our beautiful friends, Matt & Beth, to a comedy show at our church. It's, TIM HAWKINS.

definitely a Christian, but he's definitely funny, too!


Dream Land had a beautiful memorial this week for all of the pets that passed in 2009. Abby and Aja were featured in a lovely presentation and we received these ornaments with their oh-so-pretty faces.


Sam has a pajama-party-movie-night at his school tonight. He was excited not only to watch Polar Express with his friends, but also to show off his cute Santa pajamas.

I'm proud of him for even wanting to do it (for 3 hours). He's really grown up a lot during these 4 months of Kindergarten!


I signed us up for an ornament swap this year. The theme was "Fairy Tales", and here's what Sam and I came up with...

Snow Princess 2009

We made 5 to send out and will get 5 different ornaments in return. Pretty fun, huh?!?


Have a fantastic December weekend!


mimbles said...

Love the yogurt pics, too cute! :-)

The ornament swap does sound fun, you'll have to show us what you get in return!

Happy FF!

Anonymous said...

(((hugs))) for your angel kitties.

Lol yogurt incident!

Martha in PA said...

Good morning! Love the yogurt pics! Tara loved when they had PJ day at school!

Have a fabulous weekend.


won said...

I like the idea of an ornament swap. Maybe I'm in the dark ages, but I'd not heard of doing something like that before!

Wonderful World of Weiners said...

Very cute ornament!! I just got my first ever blogger Secret Santa gift yesterday in the mail. It was so much fun to be a part of!!

Hallie :)

shopannies said...

sounds like a great date night I hope you all have fun and how cute is your little one he is adorable yogurt and all

Stacy (the Random Cool Chick) said...

Oh I love the Yogurt Incident! Especially the change in his features when the gig was up... Maybe he's onto something, though - a Yogurt facial? Bet his skin was even softer after clean-up! ;)

I had to click over and check out Tim Hawkins - he IS funny!! You'll have a blast! :)

Awwww! What sweet ornaments of Aja and Abby!

And those ornaments you and Sam came up with are AWESOME! How fun to do something like that!

Happy FF - have a great weekend! :)

Eternal Lizdom said...

The ornament swap sounds like great fun!

Lovely tribute to your kitties. I have ornaments on my tree of my dogs from back before I had kids... and I love to see the pics of my Ginger (she passed in Dec 2007).

It's our Polar Express day here- a daytime event rather than evening thing. Kids in pj's, making gingerbread houses. And they've been doing cool Polar Express activities all week!

Alicia said...

Oh how fun! A Christian comedian. We have a DVD with Christian comedians and it's hilarious. It proves that you can be funny without being vulgar!

Love the picture of him all messy with the yogurt!! His last expression is so funny!!! So cute!

parentingBYdummies said...

At our house, that would not be considered an incident, it's more like standard operating procedure. Getting it in his mouth would be an incident!

Confessions From A Working Mom said...

There are a lot of people who think Christians can't be funny... but our pastor is one of the FUNNIEST men I have ever met. His services are always packed because he has people rolling in the aisles!


sarah @ life {sweet} life said...

Those pictures of Luke are great - how funny!! Have fun on date night. :)

mub said...

I love those memorial ornaments, what a cool idea!

Your little princesses are really cute too, I like that you used strings of beads for the arms. I hope you'll show us what you get in return =)

Have fun on your date! I'd prefer a Christian comic I think... I get so sick of what some people think is funny when it's just plain crude.

Paul Wynn said...

Hahha, cute picture of the baby! He looks so disappointed in the last picture.. hilarious how you let him keep going.

Nicolle said...

I adore Luke in his yogurt mess! haha!

The kitty ornaments are special. How nice to receive those.

I love the ornaments you made too!

Mrs4444 said...

Your ornament is creative and sweet, perfect for the theme. Those are ver nice cat ornaments, too. That place is really thoughtful and compassionate.

Not that I'm partial or anything, but that FF button looks terrific on your page :)

blueviolet said...

Your ornament is so beautiful! As are the pet ornaments that you received.

Your son and his messy face....too funny!

Unknown Mami said...

I love the documentation of "The Yogurt Incident".

Life with Kaishon said...

I love the ornaments! And the new Santa pajamas! And kindergarten! And most of all, the yogurt : )