Friday Fragments and Fotos

Mommy's Idea

Sam finally lost his first tooth!  Oh, the undeniable joy.

They're filming the Footloose remake in our area next month.  (Come on.  You know you want
to see it!)  Apparently they need a ton of extras so I will do everything I can to get
Sam up on the big screen.  The camera LOVES that boy.

I will host another CSN review and giveaway at the end of September.  Not sure 
what I will pick this time, but it will be good. of their modern rugs, or 
kitchen clock, or even a porch swing.  The possibilities are endless with CSN!

Tonight is move night" at Sam's school so we'll be heading over to see Cloudy with a chance 
of Meatballs later.  Pray for rain b/c I really hope it has to be moved inside.  I do
realize that the school won't be happy with that, but we will all be cooler!

We received some of our Halloween "stuff" this week. The excitement is growing!

Here's a little nibble...

Luke went to Chuck E. Cheese this week.  It's the first time he had the experience 
sans Sam, and it was a ton of fun.  I know plenty of parents hate the mouse, but our location 
was revamped a few years ago and now it's super clean, and during the week, it's very calm. 
Plus, you can't beat the cheapness.

Have a wonderful weekend, Matey!



Matty said...

Not only do I remember losing my first tooth, but I just lost another one, and it's right where he lost his in the picture. A little boating mishap, but after a trip to the dentist I'm good as new.

I saw that movie and you guys should really enjoy it. Of course, everyone has their own opinion.

Extra, Extra!! Where do I sign up? LOL

Ashley Sisk said...

That might be the cutest face I've ever seen.

Unknown Mami said...

Oh I hope the Tooth Fairy is good to Sam.

Mrs4444 said...

I pulled Kyle's first tooth with a tissue as he slept (mouth hanging open). Don't worry--I got his permission first; we were both sick of him poking it around, and he was too scared to JUST DO IT!haha Sam is, of course, even more adorable without it :)

Movie Night sounds fun (inside).

I love Chuck E. Cheese's pizza and have never understood why so many people hate the mouse! :)

From Tracie said...

Congrats to Sam!! I love that gap tooth smile picture! So precious!!

They are filming Footloose near you? That is so fun.

I'm guessing pirate? Love it!

I hear the Chuck E Cheese complaints too. Although we don't do it very often, the few experiences we've had there were pretty fun.

Martha in PA said...

Losing that first tooth is a great milestone... we reached a milestone in our house today too....
I used to love to take Tara to Chuck E Cheese during the week when she was younger... a few tokens, a pizza, and I was good for a couple chapters in a book while she played- she always ran into a friend or two from school! Halloween.... say it isn't so... we are getting Halloween stuff in at Walgreens but then, we've been getting Christmas stuff too.. YIKES!

Stopping by from FF!

Coby said...

I once sneezed and my loose tooth went flying from my mouth. We never found it...

My kids have never been to Chuck E. Cheese, but have driven past it often enough to fall in love with the statue of the mouse. They really want to go, but they hate loud noises and crowds. They don't know that Chuck E. Cheese is actually their worst nightmare!

Alicia said...

What a great picture!! It's so exciting for them to lose their first tooth!!!

We're going to Chuck E. Cheese for a b-day party very soon!!!!

Seizing My Day said...

That would be so exciting if Sam was an extra in the remake!! =) Best of Luck with that!

Hope the tooth fairy left behind a lovely prize for Sam!

Jene said...

I haven't been to Chuck E Cheese in years, but I'm really looking forward to taking Charlie one of these days.

I love Halloween! Looks like someone is going to have a pretty sweet pirate costume :)

Happy Friday!

Lisa Ceaser said...

I visited CEC the other day for the first time with my little cousins. We met at my lunch break and it made my day. I came back to the office with Cotton Candy and big smile. So much fun!

The Crazy Coxes said...

A toothless pirate? What a sweet face! You're bringing out the nostalgia in me. Fall/Halloween takes me back to when my kids were little.
Happy Friday!

brainella said...

He looks incredibly thrilled! :) Did the tooth fairy visit?

I got a Halloween catalog in the mail yesterday. Oh, the scary stuff I wanted to buy. :) I may need to take Dominic to Joann's for a decoration spree.

Happy Friday!

Cascia said...

Congratulations on the first lost tooth! I love the photo. I hope he gets to be an extra in that movie.

Heidi said...

Way to go Sam on losing his first tooth!! When and where are they filming Footloose? I have not heard about that yet but wow how exciting!

LisaShaw said...

Hi dear friend,

Sam's tooth out is so cute!!! NO matter what your boys would remain cute!!! :)

Ok, I confess I can't pray for rain on the event to be moved inside if the kids won't like that (smile). "I love you though" as I say to my daughter when I won't pray a way she wants me too (SMILE) about her school.

My Granddaughters LOVE Chuck E Cheese. Truth be told so do their parents. My daughter sounds MORE excited than they do when she tells us about their visit there. :)

I so love and appreciate the heart you have Dina for GOD, your family and others. You are a beautiful gift from GOD for us. I'm grateful...

Karen and Gerard said...

A friend of mine used to have a job at Chuck E. Cheese and was the mouse. She liked it except when kids pulled her tail!

Stopping by from Friday Fragments.

Buckeroomama said...

J has a tooth loose now and is excited about losing it, so he'd get a visit from the Tooth Fairy!

So exciting that they're filming the remake of Footloose in your area. That should be fun! :)

Kirby3131 said...

Yay for a first tooth!! I actually still remember when I lost my first tooth. It's a monumental event.

Oh boy, I'd love to be an extra (and yes, I want to see the movie now that you mention it!)

Kristin _ The Goat

Dawn said...

Oh, I hope you can get Sam on the big screen! He's defnitely got that unique look for it.

I got Camryn's Halloween costume already. I picked it up at Cracker Barrel. Her costume from last year came from there too. They always have darling little costumes.

Hope you're having a wonderful weekend!