Soup anyone?

I recently received a lovely package in the mail via 
My Blog Spark and Progresso Soup...

And, yes.  That's the cool can-holder that many commented about
in this Scavenger Hunt post.  Isn't the little soup bowl and spoon
adorable, too?  Not to mention, I got free food!

Do you like soup?  I think most people do.  I know I do.  And,
Progresso does it so well.  Their "New World Recipes" and
"Light" soups make a yummy, hearty meal really convenient.

Progresso® New World Recipes™ – Inspired by Mexican recipes, 
explore one of the fastest growing ethnic cuisines by giving the Progresso 
New World Recipes line a try. Made with authentic Mexican ingredients 
and seasonings, four new Progresso soups will be hitting grocery shelves 
near you - Chicken Tortilla, Meatball & Rice, Black Bean Jalapeno 
and Chicken & Vegetable.

Progresso Light - America’s number one Light soup just got better, as all 
13 existing Progresso Light varieties are now packed with bigger pieces of 
white meat chicken, more tender pieces of beef or added vegetables. 
Need even more to talk about? Progresso Light New England Clam 
Chowder is the first creamy Light ready-to-serve soup that holds true to 
the Progresso Light name with just 1 Weight Watchers® POINTS® 
value per serving!

***I received this package free of charge, in exchange for an 
honest review.  My opinions are my own and were not 
influenced in any manner.***



blueviolet said...

Yes, I love the little bowl and spoon! There's something about eating soup in a crock that I like!

I love the spicy light Progresso veggie soups!

Buckeroomama said...

I don't think we get Progresso here, but I think I'd love the New England clam chowder. :)

Marsha Young said...

We love the Light Clam Chowder.

Nearly all of the other Progresso soups, too!

Sue said...

I love the Progresso light soups. And they even have some low salt varieties.

(neat can rack, too)