Review: Poptropica Adventures for the Nintendo DS

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Are you familiar with the on-line social game, Poptropica?  Well, it's an adventure game for
kids, created by Jeff Kinney of the Wimpy Kid series.  Ubisoft took the popular on-line game
and made it portable, complete with non-violent, funny characters and exciting adventures.

From Ubisoft:

Both of my boys loved this game, but Luke really enjoyed it the most.  Since it does
require a lot of reading, Daddy helped him play it in the beginning.

Now, he's getting the hang of it, tho, and loves exploring the 3 islands.

I asked both boys what they liked best about the game, and they agreed that
the museum is cool and Luke loved the "cute characters".  They did say that
there should be more islands to visit, but they still gave it a big thumb's up.
I, personally, loved that there is a great deal of reading and problem solving,
while still a lot of fun.  I also heard a few laughs!  Overall, a great addition
to any DS game collection, and ideal for ages 7-9.

This game is available via your favorite retailer or at Amazon.


Donna Heber said...

Hi Dina,

I'm not familiar with the game Poptropica, but I'm glad your boys enjoy it! I'm sure your review will be helpful to other parents.

~Shari said...

Oh! Let me tell you this.. My Hannah LOVES LOVES LOVES Poptropica. She doesn't play it on her DS but she plays it on my computer. Not only does she play it but her friends all play it also.

Thanks for the review!

Bunch of Barrons said...

I've never heard of it: will have to check it out.