Superbook Review

 Did you watch Superbook as a kid?  I remember it, but I've
actually watched more of those early 80's episodes with my
own kids.  Luke especially loves them.

So, when I heard there was a new version, I couldn't wait
to check it out.  And, thanks to CBN and MomSelect, we
received all 14 episodes on DVD.  What a difference...
Obviously, the animation improved with time, but thankfully
the sweet messages stayed the same!  And, Chris, Joy and
Gizmo are all still there, traveling into the Bible for some
great adventures.
We started off with "In the Beginning", which clearly tells
the story of Adam and Eve, but in a way that young kids
can grasp.  (CBN does advise you to view each episode
before sharing it with children.)  My boys really loved the
battle between Lucifer and Michael.

We quickly went through the remaining episodes, with the
boys taking turns picking what came next.  I was pleasantly
surprised by how much my almost 10-year old enjoyed them.
He's hit-or-miss these days with cartoons, but sat completely
silent through each of these.

One of my favorite things about this DVD series, is the
Family Discussion Guide included with each episode.
They are a great reference after viewing the DVD,
turning a little TV time into a learning experience.

To learn more about Superbook, please click HERE.
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Sue said...

I guess I missed something. I've never even heard of Superbook!