New England or bust!

We are flying to NH this morning as part of 'Lettre Family Visit 2008'. (Feel free to put that on a shirt and wear it proudly!) Sam is sooooo excited about the airport and plane! It isn't his first time to fly, but it's the first time that he'll actually remember.

We will stay in NH one night and VT one night, then we are onto Kingston, NY for the majority of our trip. We'll "room" with my in-laws, Phil and Becky. They have two girls and are currently expecting a boy! Fun. Fun. Fun!

I (probably) won't be blogging for at least a week, but there will be plenty of great pics when I get back to it!
The boys' clothing for our trip, with 90% being Sam's! (Is it any wonder he was chosen by the Atlanta paper for his "style"???) I should have snapped his shoes b/c he told me several times which ones to pack...4 pairs!

Woohoo! Delta will get us there and back! (That was a shameless plug. Can we get an extra pack of pretzels? Ah...come on. Please!)

We will land in Manchester, NH around lunch time! (That's almost 1,000 miles from our home.) It's the "birthplace of your American dream". Bet you didn't know that!